Accessing the best Libraries in New York via writers have been taking advantage of the many libraries in New York. As part of our endeavor to give back to the community, we have chosen to list some of the major resourceful libraries in town. Any student attending college or university in New York should make full use of the vast online learning items available today. These days, internet libraries have taken charge because of their easy access. Below is a list of the most prominent five internet libraries that every student should use.

  1. Internet Archive

This is one of the best online libraries with not less than four million texts. It is respected all over the world because it offers the best quality free information that dates back to many decades back.

  1. The New York Public Library

With the advent of the internet creating a wave that can’t be ignored, traditional public libraries have not been left behind. The New York Public Library has been able to digitize most of its material and users can find over 800,000 digital projects.

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  1. High Wire

This is the most appropriate for academic students. At High Wire, a student is offered with over two million text articles from the best journals in the world.

  1. The Library of Congress

It offers thousands of articles that ant student will find useful for all their research. It also has recordings, video, newspapers, and collections.

  1. US National Archives

The country’s most precious documents are housed in this phenomenal internet library. From it, students can easily obtain copies related to the constitution and any other documents related to the American history and culture.

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