Benefits of Brexit to the Britons

Brexit abbreviates “British exit”, June 23, 2016, British referendum where Britons voted to leave the European Union. The poll results will have an array of consequences expected in the following fields.

Membership Fee

Exiting the EU will result in an instant cost saving as Britain will henceforth not contribute to the EU budget. In 2015, Britain contributed £13bn while it also received £4.5bn to spend hence its net contribution was £8.5bn. That is about seven per cent of what the UK Government spends on the NHS annually.


A Barclays Bank report on the unprecedented consequences of this landmark referendum is fascinating. It says that the exit of Britain, one of the European Union’s most powerful economies might hit its finances and favor the populist anti-EU groups in other countries. That might open a “Pandora’s box”, according to the Daily Telegraph, which could result in the “failure of the European project”. The United Kingdom might ultimately be seen as a haven from all the resultant risks. In the end, that would attract investors, boost the pound and diminish the risk of Scotland leaving the safety of the UK brought about by an increasingly uncertain the European Union.

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Under European Union law, Britain cannot deny anyone from a fellow member state wishing to live in its boundaries. Similarly, Britons benefit from an equal right to live or even work anywhere they want in the European Union. The result of this free regional movement and immigration has been a massive increase in immigration into Britain. Most immigrants into the UK have been from southern and eastern Europe. Britons will no longer face the competition of their resources with regional migrants.


Some anti-Brexit argued that approximately three million jobs might be lost if Britain exits the powerful union. However, while “statistics from the early 2000s shows that around three million jobs are connected to trade with the EU, they do not mean that they are dependent on Britain being an EU member state.


Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan, who supported Brexit, noted that Britain has always left the “door open” to terrorist attacks by being in the EU. That is because the open border does not permit the UK to check or even control migrants from the EU member states. The UK will be a bit safer now.

The Famous Brexit referendum was so heated and among the biggest loser in it was David Cameron, British Prime Minister who bowed to the mass pressure and announced that he would resign in October that year

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