The best university in the United States of America is among 150 US colleges. So wherever you wish to study in the U.S., a top college will not be very far away. Almost every state is represented in any list of the best university in the United States of America. These are among the five of the best.

1. California Institute of Technology
About its tiny population, CalTech has a remarkable number of successful graduates as well as affiliates which include 34 Nobel laureates, five Fields Medallist, six Turing Award winners and number holders of national awards.Across its six faculties, there is much focus on science and engineering where the university widely appeared in the Top 5 list of the best university in the United States of America in 2016. In addition to Nobel winners and renowned researchers, the University alumni also include many politicians and executive advisers.

2. Stanford University
Based next to Silicon Valley, The Stanford has played a prominent role in advancing the high-tech industry. Many faculty members, students as well as alumni have founded successful tech companies and start-ups such a Google, Hewlett-Packard, and Snapchat. The campus covers 8180 acres. As expected from one of the best university in the United States, Stanford is highly competitive. Its admission rate currently stands at around five per cent. Of the 15596 students in its register, 22 percent are internationals.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT also boasts of a strong entrepreneurial culture which has seen many alumni start notable companies including Intel and Dropbox. Its undergraduate program is one of the America’s most selective, admitting only eight percent of all the applicants. Engineering and computer science programs are the most sort-after by the undergraduates.Among its famous alumni include astronaut Buzz Aldrin, physicist Richard Feynman, and former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. The school appears in the Top 5 list of in the best university in the United States ranking of Engineering and technology, social sciences and arts, physical sciences, and humanities.

4. Harvard University
Harvard University is arguably the most known university in the world and was top in the reputation rankings recent years. It was started in 1636 and is the oldest higher institution of education in the U.S. It currently has over 20152 students enrolled and a quarter of them are internationals. Although the tuition fee is quite high, Harvard’s financial endowment attracts plenty of financial aid for its students.Among its famous alumni, Harvard has eight U.S presidents, over 150 Nobel laureates, 13 Turing Award winners as well as 62 living billionaires. In the 2016/2017 arts and humanities ranking, Harvard came second and secured the top 10 positions in social sciences, physical sciences as well as engineering and technology.

5. Princeton University
Just like Harvard, Princeton is a coveted Ivy League university with a history dating to over 200 years ago. There are less than 8000 students enrolled the school and over a quarter of them are internationals. Princeton’s campuses, in New Jersey, are situated about an hour away from New York City and Philadelphia. Among the renowned Princeton, alumni are US Presidents, business people, astronauts, Olympians and many national award-winners. Physicist Richard Feynman and mathematicians John Nash together with Alan Turing passed here.