Changes That Are Expected in Britain and Beyond after Brexit

Now that Britain is no longer a member of the European Union, some changes will occur in it as well as in the entire region. Here are the main changes that will be triggered by the exit.

British Passport

At the top front of British passports, it reads “European Union.” That means that the holder has the right to live or even work in anywhere in the other EU country. Expect a new passport design to reflect the new Brexit status.


With the sterling pound plummeting, it will cost Britons more when they arrive wherever they are aspiring to go. Also as a Briton, expect to queue for longer than usual while traveling around Europe. Prepare to avoid EU members’ passport control desks and utilize the common ones even when traveling in Europe.


Britons should expect the price of commodities to rise since Britain relies a lot on imports for everything from bacon to fruit from the EU. Although the Far East exports vast amounts of products, there is a considerable amount from the EU.

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The Union

Since Scotland wanted to stay in the union, the second referendum on its independence now seems inevitable as Edinburgh aspires to continue membership of the union before all the UK leaves. If that happens, then the break-up of the UK will translate to a whole new set of changes regarding everything from travel to trade. Expect another crusade of hard-fought campaigning, claims and counter claims at polling stations.


The sports world will also be affected. Clubs such as Hull City, Hull FC, and Hull KR could be denied buying European players. Also, non-EU footballers must have played a certain number of games for their home side to be eligible for a work permit. A recent report notes that over 400 current EU footballers in the English Premier League and Championship will fail to meet the new requirements.


Britain is currently a member of European Convention on Human Rights, and it’s leaving the EU will not alter its laws as the legislation is anchored into Britain’s local laws.

However, exiting the EU means that Britain will no longer be entitled to abide by the rulings of the European Court of Justice or the European Court of Human Rights.

The landmark exit will have other unprecedented changes locally, regionally as well as internationally. It is not expected to be an easy time for the Britons, but they will get used to it with time.

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