Online Classes

Enroll for Online Classes the Correct way​

Why Online Classes Enrollment is on the rise​

Due the the changes in the current world, students have realized that you do not have to travel to the United States to attend class. This has been not only caused by the cost of traveling but also the cost of living as an international students.

Also, the host countries have put restrictions on foreign students in terms of working hours permitted per week. It thus makes it very heard to work and study unless one has support from home and other relatives.

Online classes have thus ended up being favored by many students as there is less adjustments needed to enroll for classes.

How we Help You in Your Online Class Enrollment

The extent of our help to clients and students goes as far as the student want.

  1. We help you spot the best online classes depending on the course that you want to study.
  2. We help students fill all the enrollment details and only leave the student to deal with the financial details.
  3. We attend virtual classes for the student and take notes on the student’s behalf. We only put the student’s image instead of the video.
  4. We attend group discussions and take notes for the student.
  5. We do assignments and hand in the weekly tasks on behalf of the student.

List of Enrollment Departments at Your Disposal

1. Business and Economics Online Classes

There are a variety of Business and Economics related online classes that a student take. You can click on Learn more tab below to see the variety.

If you already have the online class set up and want assistance with running the class, please click here to submit the course outline so that we can give you a quote on the cost.

Alternatively, you can send us an email to Ensure you attach the course Outline Please.

2. Nursing Online Classes​

for a while, many universities were not open to give Nursing Courses online as they want to mix theory and practicles.

With Covid-19 and facing a future shortage of Nurses, from 2021, most universities have thought through and opened up chances for Nursing Online classes

For a quote on the cost for us registering or doing the class on your behalf, please send us your Course details on

Alternatively, you can click here and place a Free Inquiry.

3. Sociology and Psychology Online Classes

Sociology and Psychology are some of the largest section in the field of social sciences.

Regardless the course that you choose, we guarantee that we will ace it as we have tutors ready to work with you from start to finish.

If you are set with the Online course that you want help with, please place a free Inquiry and we will give you a quote in less than 30 minutes.

You can also send the Course Outline to us via email on

4. Masters Degree Online Classes

Virtually all Masters Degree programs have the option of doing them online. Some students never even step foot in the campus of study especially now that even graduation happens online.

Are you struggling to find time to work on your assignments and discussion group tasks? do you want some help in registering for your Online class? We are here at your service.

Or, you send an email and attach they Course Outline for a quote on the course of working with us on your Online Course

5. English Academic Skills Online Program

They say the one thing that seems the simplest is actually the hardest. Those who have taken English Skills Online Classes can bare us witness. However, there is nothing we enjoy more than the challenge of working with students in these English Online Courses.

In the process of helping students, there are a number of packages that students choose from.

  1. We attend the online class and take noted for the student
  2. We work on the weekly discussion assignments through out the course.
  3. We work on the student exam after going through the class from the start.
  4. We give replies to fellow students in the class in case of group work.

If you like using mail, you can forward to us the course outline and we will send back our quote factoring in the student’s budget.

The above 5 Online Classes service providers have been vetted and confirmed as reliable in providing the service on Online Classes.

The papers and assignments will be Original and of the required academic standards. You can also check the providers customer reviews which is on their websites. This will say more on what other students have to say about the Online Class Services offered.