Review of Higher College of Technology

The Higher College of Technology is located in Muscat, and it is the second largest institution of higher learning in Oman catering for around 12,154 students admitted to its various programs. The institution is one of seven colleges in the Ministry of Manpower in the Sultanate. The Ministry has six regional Colleges of Technology, situated in Susanna, Nizwa, Salalah, China, Ibra and Ibri and Muscat.

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The Higher College of Technology was known as Oman Technical Industrial College before it was renamed and upgraded in 2001. It was established in 1984 through the initiative of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to train the people of Oman by offering high-quality courses in various fields. The region’s colleges of technology were opened in 1993 apart from the ones in China and Ibri that were established in 2005 and 2008 respectively. It aims to provide the Omani youth with skills to solve the challenges of the modern era.


The school has grown a great deal from a student population of just 200 to its current size. Its facilities have stretched from only three initial buildings to a built-up area of over 49700 m2. The school has more than 975 staff members in its faculty and an annual enrollment of about 2000 students in its foundation courses, besides transferred students in higher levels.

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Apart from its English Language Center, the HCT has seven academic departments. The departments include; Engineering, Information Technology, Applied Sciences, Business Studies, Photography, Fashion Design, and Pharmacy. The Engineering Department has 12 specializations in its three major sections of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Its other courses are Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Air Conditioning, Mechanical Engineering as well as Oil and Gas.

Networking, the Internet, and E-security, Database, Software Engineering as well as Information Systems courses are offered in the IT Department. Students wishing to study Science and Technology have the privilege to delve in Applied Chemistry, Environmental Science or Applied Biology in the Applied Sciences Department. The HCT’s Business Studies Department specializes in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Retailing, as well as E-Business. Additionally, the college is affiliated with Cisco and Oracle hence it offers their courses to prepare its students for global certifications.

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The college has produced many world notable personalities and has succeeded in various research projects. It is among the best especially for students wishing to pursue engineering courses. For more details, visit .

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