Do you know that you can pay for your university degree in a way that will not result in debt in future? Apply for a scholarship, and you will get a kind of college financial support that does not require to be repaid.

Where to Find a Scholarship
Scholarships in the United States can be applied from anywhere. You can earn a scholarship from the university you plan to attend, charities, businesses, community organizations, corporations or private citizens. Among the famous Scholarships in the United States include the Intel Science Talent Search, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, and the National Merit Scholarship. Even the University Language Services offers scholarships.

Who Eligible for a Scholarship?
There is a popular fallacy that only the straight-A students can earn a scholarship. That could not be very further from the truth since thousands of scholarships every year are given based on academic achievement. However, thousands more are given based on an array of other criteria. Anyone who takes the time to ask around and apply for Scholarships in the United States can win one or several. Students usually get scholarships due to their athletic abilities, community services, artistic talent or plans to study in a certain field.

However, an eligibility criterion can as well be far more exact. Extreme cases include the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship. It awards money only to the left-handed students. The Duck Brand Duct Tape Prom Contest is only awarded to couples who go to their high school prom in outfits made entirely out of duct tape. The Tupperware Home Parties Scholarship awards only the independent Tupperware dealers and their dependents that plan to go to college.

Which Level of School Gets Scholarships?
Scholarships in the US are available to students at any academic level. Therefore, you do not have to be in senior high school to benefit. You may be an undergraduate or a student undergoing a master’s degree or doctoral course. Gift aids offered to graduate students are often referred to as fellowships. Also, high school senior students who take some time off before going to college are not prohibited from earning scholarships.

How to Get a Scholarship
Much like university itself, earning scholarships needs time, diligence as well as commitment. There are many ways to earn scholarships. You may go to your local library and read the mammoth directories or library files with thousands of private scholarships offers or search scholarship sites. Even if you utilize the internet, there is a lot involved than just searching a couple of words. Most scholarships providers require a well-written and thoughtful essay. Do not forget to consult your guide or counselor to know if you qualify for any support. Also, remember to contact the university you plan to join to see if you are qualified for any of its awards.

The Amount you can get from a Scholarship
Scholarships may come in virtually any amount ranging from $50 to $50,000 or more. Students may sometimes be able to fund their full education with scholarships. However, this is an exception but not a rule. The average scholarship money from a private source outside of college is $2,000.

Examples of Scholarships in the U.S
Here is a list of some well known scholarships in the United States
Sussex Chancellor’s International Research Scholarships
Clark Global Scholarship Program
George Washington University Global Leaders Fellowship
American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
Civil Society Leadership Awards
Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in USA for International Students
Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship
Rotary Peace Fellowships
Fulbright Foreign Student Program in USA
ICSP Tuition Scholarships at University of Oregon (USA)
Clark University Global Scholars Program (USA)
International Leader of Tomorrow Award at University of British Columbia (Canada) Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London (UK)
Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London (UK)
Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships (UK)
The Scholarship Layer Cake
Fulbright Foreign Student Program
Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program
Abbey Road Summer Scholarships
Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship
David P. Shapiro Annual Leukaemia Scholarships
East-West Center Scholarships and Fellowships
Japan-United States Friendship Commission
AAUW International Fellowships
MIT-Zaragoza Women in Logistics and SCM Scholarship
Rotary Peace Fellowships
Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme
Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders
MasterCard Foundation Scholarships
American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship
Brandeis University Wien International Scholarship Program
Gates Millennium Scholarship (GMS)
Intel Science Talent Search
Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology
Buick Achievers Scholarship Program
Thiel Fellowship
Flinn Scholarships (x20)
Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship
The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans
The Davidson Fellows Scholarship
Davidson Fellows Program
Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Youth of the Year
Ms. America Competition
The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) Scholarship Award
Google Global Science Fair
National Geographic Bee
Big Data Management Informatics Scholarship
Federation Executive Recruitment and Education Program (FEREP) Scholarship
Iowa’s Matthew Shepard Scholarship
The Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship
The Siebel Scholarship