The Most Famous Universities in the United States

The thirst for higher education has no doubt increased and all students from different parts of the world are increasingly enrolling for higher education. In Florida, the situation is not any different. Many students from America and other parts of the attend university there.  Florida is famous for its theme parks, art scenes and theme parks all over the place. Below is a list of the five most famous universities in this State.


  1. University of FloridaUOF

Currently ranked 180th in the world, and position 46 in the U.S, it has an enrollment of not more than 50,000 students with around 16,000 being postgraduates.




  1. University of Miamimiami

It is ranked 280th globally and 61st in America. It is a private university with a population of not more than 17,000 students.

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  1. Florida State Universityflorida state

It is ranked position 401 in the world and 80 in the U.S. It has a student population of 41,400 students with a large variety of courses.




  1. University of South Floridasouth florida

This university is ranked position 501 globally and 97 in the US. It has a whopping 48,000 students from different states in America and more than 148 different countries.



  1. University of Central Floridacentral florida

It is ranked in position 701 globally and 134th in the United States. It is second in enrollment with not less than 48,000 students enrolling each year.

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