The Top Five Universities in California

The State of California has numerous world class universities. These are five of the best that has produced notable international figures.

Stanford University

Stanford University is among the most competitive universities in the US, with an acceptance rate of 5.1 %. Within a single academic year, this world-distinguished private institution gets a whopping $5.6 million only for undergraduate research projects. Overall, it gets a total of $1.33 billion for its highly successful research endeavors. Students of this university can earn undergraduate degrees from its six schools of study among them Business, Education, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Law, Medicine, Humanities, and Sciences. Stanford University seeks to foster an exceptionally tight-knit student culture. Over 96 % of the undergraduate students reside on the campus.

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Claremont McKenna College

Here, undergraduates have the privilege to explore Bachelor of Arts degrees in over 33 different specializations of study on the campus. They can also study these courses through numerous satellite programs offered in Silicon Valley, Washington DC or various abroad locations. Around 97 % of students reside on the campus consequently fostering a strong sense of the college identity.

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Pomona College

The famous private college is the pioneer institution of The Claremont Colleges consortium that maintains a small student population of around 1,500 per year. The Pomona College provides undergraduates with a great selection of more than 47 Bachelor of Arts degree course.

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University of California

The privileged undergraduates attending this world class Los Angeles school can choose from 125 majors. The admissions process in this school is extremely competitive. All prospective freshmen are required to submit ACT or SAT scores and also write a personal letter to their application. On average, freshmen in the 2014 academic year were admitted with median composite SAT score of up to 2240, ACT scores of below 34 and an average GPA of at least 3.89.

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University of Southern California

The USC is a private institution renowned for its research-oriented academic culture. It boasts of a very prominent faculty comprised of Nobel Laureates, National Academy Winners, National Medal recipients and MacArthur Fellows. Usually, admitted freshmen are those who attended at least 10 percent lessons of their graduating high schools. USC students are usually encouraged to apply for institutional as well as departmental scholarship opportunities which are awarded based on need or merit.

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These California universities have comprehensive financial aid programs offered to their students. That has helped students from the less fortunate families enjoy their quality education.