The top Five Universities in Florida

Out of the five top universities in Florida named in the QS World University Rankings, four of them are public universities and only one, the University of Miami is private. These are the five comprehensive schools, offering courses in an array of subjects.

University of Florida

The highest ranked Florida institution of higher learning is the University of Florida. The institution has an enrollment of around 50,000 students, including 16000 postgraduates. The University of Florida’s campus is located inland in the Gainesville city. Despite its lack of coastal beaches, it offers a high-quality life, with pretty low costs of living and a fair share of the state’s famed sunshine.

University of Miami

The famous university is currently ranked 280th worldwide and 61st in the US. It beats the landlocked University of Florida due to its proximity to the Miami’s long sea sand stretches. The private university has a fairly smaller student community of about 16,800.  It offers an assortment of courses including post-graduate schools of medicine as well as law.

Florida State University

At the far end of Florida in the city of Tallahassee is Florida State University, the flagship university. The institution is currently ranked 401th in the world and 80th in the United States. It has around 41,400 enrolled students. It is a major public research center that has courses in almost every field at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels.

University of South Florida

When you travel a cool 260 miles to the south, along the west coast from the city of Tallahassee, you will see the University of South Florida in the city of Tampa. It is currently ranked position 501 worldwide and 97th in the US. The university offers over 230 degrees and has a student body of more than 48,000. It enjoys an annual budget of $1.6 billion and has been credited due to its sustainability. It is one of the few universities nationwide honored with a gold rating by the respected AASHE.

University of Central Florida

It is currently ranked 701 in the world and 134th in the US. The respected school is the second-largest in the US regarding admission, with over 61,000 students admitted from 148 countries as well as all US states. It is located in Orlando and offers more than 210 degrees across its 13 colleges.

These universities are doing well academically and in research. They are producing competent graduates who are changing the world in more than one way.

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