The Top Five Universities in Illinois

The State of Illinois has some universities that compete fairly with other global institutions. They have contributed a lot in offering research facilities to students to enable them to excel in their studies. These are the five best universities in Illinois.

Illinois Institute of Technology

The renowned Illinois Institute of Technology provides a unique blend of attributes to scholars who wish to think differently. The private, research-intensive institution is one of the best universities in Illinois for any STEM-focused student. Innovative as well as entrepreneurial minds flourish at the IIT.

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Eastern Illinois University

The EIU is more focused on affordability than other schools where it goes to an extent of providing an in-house textbook system that saves students a lot of every term. Undergraduates may major, minor or even double major in an assortment of subjects. They can as well challenge themselves by attending Honors College classes or doing their studies abroad. Its independent research courses and creative activities provide its students with an edge after graduation. The EIU’s well-rounded alumni enjoy a higher exposure than some graduates.

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University of Chicago

There is a lot for students to become excited about at the UC, one of the top colleges in the US and one of the best universities in the State of Illinois. It is at the summit of the industry in research, including programs in education, medicine, arts and engineering. Its involvement in Argonne National Laboratory, the Marine Biological Laboratory as well as the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory heightens UC’s reputation. The school’s star-studded faculty includes six Nobel laureates.

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Northwestern University

The Northwestern University is renowned as a school that often appears high on the US university ranking lists. It enjoys a 13 % acceptance rate with a culture of producing overachievers. It has an outstanding 93 % graduation rate and the students exceedingly excel in their careers after graduation.

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University of Illinois

The University of Illinois boasts of 84 % graduation rate. It is the school’s small net price that sets it apart. The top and affordable Illinois school only continues to thrive. It now boasts of more than 32,000 students and a growing research program. Its faculty also includes Nobel laureates as well as Pulitzer Prize winners.

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Students who take advantage of these adequately-equipped institutions end up being the world’s best in their fields. The universities have therefore contributed to the development of the State, the nation, and the entire world.