The Top Universities in Madrid

Madrid has several universities that are named in the QS World University Rankings. If you wish to study in Madrid, you got to read this post regarding the best Universities in this city. Afterward, all you have to do is select one and apply accordingly.

Universidade Autónoma de Madrid

It is ranked 195th in the QS ranking and is termed as one of the best universities in the whole world. It was only founded in the year 1968 and is frequently ranked among the top twenty young universities around the globe. It has by far the most prestigious Faculty of Law in France. Its main campus is located in Cantoblanco.

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Complutense University Madrid

It is ranked 216th and is the largest university in the entire Spain and one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the world. At some point, Albert Einstein was lecturing at the Complutense. However, most of its students do not reside in the relatively expensive University hostels and either rent a room in private apartments or rent shared apartments with their colleagues.

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Charles III University of Madrid

It is currently ranked position 317 and is distinguished as the top Business Administration and Economics school in France. However, if you wish to apply here, be warned that the Carlos III University has a history of being the hardest-working school in nationally and hence its workload is said to be heavy.

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Technical University of Madrid

It is the best university in Madrid in the architecture and engineering courses and is also considered one of the top colleges in the entire of Europe in these faculties. Surprisingly, it does not have the main campus. Instead, it has numerous buildings across the city among them Madrid’s city center, the University City, in Montegancedo and the Puente de Vallecas. The QS currently ranks it at position 389.

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CEU San Pablo University

The CEU San Pablo University is a privately-owned, Catholic University started over 75 years ago. It is currently one of the Spain’s most respected academic institutions often ranked among the top five private universities. It is usually involved in various educational exchange programs with the world’s top universities from Columbia, Boston, Chicago and Duke.

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These universities in Madrid are well equipped and have very experiencing teaching staff. If you wish to study around, you can take advantage of them to emerge as an academic giant.