University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder is a public research university found in Colorado, United States. It is the Flagship University of the University of Colorado and was started five months before Colorado was accepted to the Union in the year 1876.

In 2015, the University of Colorado consisted of nine campuses and schools that offered more than 150 academic courses and enrolled around 33000 students. 12 Nobel Laureates, nine MacArthur Fellows, together with 18 astronauts have passed through CU-Boulder as students, researchers or even as faculty members. The University received around $454 million to sponsor research in the year 2010 to fund courses like the Laboratory for ASP together with JILA. Although it is one of the best universities in the United States, it has never hosted a US Presidential debate although it has hosted several party presidential debates.







University Rankings

The US News & World Report it 92nd in the best universities in the United States. It was 38th among public higher-learning institutions in the US and 46th best universities globally in the year 2017. The Center for World University Rankings placed it at position 19 among US public comprehensive institutions and position 63 in the world in the 2014 ranking. 24 CU-Boulder graduate school specialty courses are ranked together with those of the best universities in the United States. It includes seven in the top 10, by the popular US News & World Report in the 2016 edition.

The CU-Boulder’s atomic, molecular, optical physics courses hold the top spots countrywide. Other CU-Boulder courses ranking among the top 10 universities are environmental law, quantum physics, ceramics, geology, physical chemistry together with aerospace engineering. The US News & World Report ranked the Education school of this university at number 29. The Engineering school was 34th; the Law Schools 40th while the Business school at position 86. In its 2010 rankings of American doctoral course, The National Research Council placed its Ph.D. program in Geography second in the US. It is without doubt among the best university in the United States and future it is expected to host a US Presidential debate.

Sports, Clubs and Traditions

Sports teams at this school are known as the Buffaloes. The teams participate in the NCAA’s Division I as a member of the coveted Pac-12 Conference. It officially joined the Pac-12 in July 2011, ending its association with the Big 12 Conference. It had been a member of the defunct Big Eight Conference, whose members merged with four schools of the Southwest Conference to make the new Big 12 Conference in the year 1996. The formal school colors are silver and gold rather than the common credence of black and gold. Silver and gold were selected to represent the State’s mineral wealth, but they did not look good while combined together on the uniforms and hence black was substituted. Previous, among the nicknames used by the press, were the “Silver Helmets,” “Frontiersmen” among others. The final match of 1934, against the University of Denver, marked the first running of a buffalo in a Colorado football league. A buffalo calf was rented from an area ranch and ran along the sidelines.